Abulkhair's Factory:-
We care & interest about quality due more than 300 clever laborers and about 10 qualified technical engineers.

We are using the international standard of quality in our manufacturing technology parallel with the real
mean of elegance & high taste.
We develop and upgrade machinery and manufacturing methods to keep pace with the latest technologies in the manufacturing of footwear and leather goods to offer our customers the latest fashion colors and the highest quality.

Abulkhair's Factory
Development policy don't stop only in the machinery, but also recruiting the best experiences of technical and well trained labor and developed to fit our view of the future to provide the best product for the
customer and his satisfaction in full under the supervision of a group of engineers and experts in the field
of manufacture of shoes and leather goods in Egypt and to further spread and success in Egypt and

Abulkhair's factory

Our Showrooms:

Abulkhair ladies shoe showrooms has been established with a stylish decoration & well furnished to give our customers the ultimate level of luxury.

Pls. have a quick tour at Abulkhair lady shoes factory's photo gallery ( 2014 Fashion ).

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